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We have extensive range of herbal medicines in our pharmacy. These medicines are made as per classical texts and under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at our company’s factory in Athani, Aluva (Kerala). Further details visit:


Kerala Ayurveda manufactures wide range of medicines. The herbs for the medicines are grown in house. Few speciality medicines are:
Ajax: Sustained erection and healthier libido
Brahmi Pearls: Herbal brain nourishment
Glymin: Treatment & control of  diabetes
Histanin: Versatile combination of anti-allergic herbs
Iogen: Ideal iron supplement with natural Vitamin C
Kesini Oil: Hair growth, treating dandruff and darkening hair
Liposem: For hypercholesterolaemia
Myaxyl Capsule: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
Gestatone: A tonic for nursing mothers, improves lactation
Ostoact: Herbal remedy for osteoporosis
Raasnagugul: Anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory
Promactil: Promotes spermatogenesis and libido
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