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Treatments Offered Price in INR
  Doctor’s Consultation Recommended to determine the appropriate therapy for your needs 200.00  
  Prakruti Analysis Extended analysis of body constitution & prescription of therapies to realign doshas 400.00  
    1 Day 7 Days
Complete Relaxation: Body & Mind (60mins) Luxury massages to
relax & rejuvenate overall being
  Abhyangam w/Steam Full body massage 1300 8200
  Abhyangam w/Steam Full body synchronized massage 1500 9450
  Sirodhara Stream of warm oil poured on head wl massage 3000 17850
  Pizhichil 3ltrs of medicated oil poured & Massaged on body 3500 22100
Relieve Aches & Pains (60 mins) Massage therapies with soft, medicated boluses
  Njavarakizhi Bolus cooked in cow’s milk is tapped on body 2700 17010
  Choornaswedanam Massage wl bundles of powdered herb 2200 13860
  Pathrapotaliswedanam Bundles of leaves to target soreness 2200 13860
  Kadikizhi Massage wl bundles of powdered pulses & seeds 2200 13860
Healing & Strengthening Treatments (60 mins) Therapy to
fortify body by storing oil in a well
  Kadivasthy Retaining oil in well sculpted paste on lower back 1250 7875
  Pristhavasthy Medicated oil placed in well, along spine 2200 13860
  Grivavasthy Oil retained on neck in sculpted boundary 1250 7875
Beauty Treatments (60mins) Beauty therapies for
weight-loss, skin toning & complexion
  Udwarthanam Deep weight-loss massage, tones muscles 2000 12600
  Mukhalepanam Facial using exotic herbal powders 1300 8190
Revitalizing Treatments (60mins) Alleviates stress and
relieves fatigue for body & mind
  Sarvang Ksheerdhara Body massage wl infused herbal milk 2400 15120
  Kadidhara/Dhanyamladhara Pour herbal potion on body 2400 15120
Treatments for Mental Rejuvenation (45 mins) Relieves anxiety and
tension; Improves sleep & well-being
  Ksheeradhara Stream of herbal milk poured on head 2000 12600
  Thakradhara Her infused buttermilk poured to relax mind 2000 12600
Relax Head, Hair, Eyes & Nose (20-60 mins) Treatments to
relieve mind & soo the senses
  Sirolepam Ayurvedic hair pack—medicated pasted on head 800 5040
  Sriovasthy Herbal oil retention into scalp to treat ailments 2400 15120
  Tharpanam Keep medicated oil on eyes to nourish & sooth 1250 7875
  Srioabhyangam Ayurvedic head & face massage 900 5670
  Thalam Oil applied to head to soothe nervous system 900 5670
  Akshi Sekam Eyes wash with stream of herbal decoctions 650 4095
  Karna pooran Mineral oils poured into ears to cleanse inside 500 3150
  Nasyam wl dhoompanam Treatment for sinus & congestion 1100 6930
  Upanaham Fomentation (poultice) wl medicated herbs & leaves 1200 7560
Ease Nerves & Relax Joints (30 mins) Purging of
harmful toxins & redicals using herbal enemas
  Sneha/Matravasthy Removes toxin & nourishes body 600 3780
  Kashaya Vasthy Enema cleanse wl honey, oil & herbal paste 11000 6930
  Madhu Tailik Vasthy milk decoction applied as enema for aliments 1100 6930
  Vaitaran Vasthy Enema of medicinal herbs & potions 1100 6930
Note: The above tariff is for single therapy
We also offer long term treatment [4/7/14/21] Days.
Saundarya Treatment (Beauty Package)
[Siroabhyangam | Abhyangam | Face Massage | Mukhalepanam | Pada Abhyangam | Sarvang Ksheerdhara | Kashaya Snana]

Cleanse the skin and porse, while detoxifying the body from within. This special package is designed to clarify and tone skin, promote weight loss, circulate the blood to create a healthy glow and relax and strengthen muscle
Rs 5000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 4500/-
Nirvana Treatment (Rejuvenation Package)
[Abhyangam | Sirodhara / Ksheerdhara | Sarvang Ksheerdhara | Kashaya Snana]

The ultimate therapy in relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the senses. This package restores vigor and vitality of the mind & body by eliminating toxins and enhancing immunity.It is so soothing that it can restore youthfulness
Rs 5000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 4500/-
Abhyangam with Sirodhara
Relaxing & effective top-of-the-line rejuvenating experience for body & mind. It nourishes skin, removes impurities & synchronizes brainwaves.Perfect for stress & anxiety.
Rs 4000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 3400/-
Abhyangam with Choornaswedam
Ideal for treating aches, pains & body fatigue. Two therapists massage warm, herbal oil and herbal bundles onto body to relieve the stress and pain of sore joints and muscles.
Rs 3300/-
  Membership Rate Rs 2800/-
Abhyangam with Mukhalepam
A luxurious massage where exotic pastes are massaged on face and medicated oils are rubbed on body to rejuvenate, nourish, soften and cleanse the skin & prevent aging.
Rs 2500/-
  Membership Rate Rs 2125/-
Abhyangam with NasyamThe face, shoulders, chest, nose, palms and feet are massaged to relieve congestion & stress. It regulates hormones and purifies the nasal passages for easy breathing.
Rs 2100/-
  Membership Rate Rs 1785/-
Summer Cooling Package
Using soothing oils and cooling buttermilk, this therapy targets shriveled cells and organs, and replenishes them. It nourishes the body and cools biorhythms
Rs 4000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 3400/-
Winter Nourishing Package
Moisturizes the body & retains vital nutrients that make skin soft and supple. The decadent  therapy nourishes skin, making it radiant and soft
Rs 5000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 4400/-
Monsoon Caring Package
Unclog, detoxify & realign doshas. This therapeutic treatment purges the excess of each dosha and is very effective in disease prevention, increasing energy levels, reinvigorating the body and extending the longevity of life. Great curative value
Rs 4000/-
  Membership Rate Rs 3400/-
Bridal Package (7 Days ; 150 mins per session)
Purifies the skin and blood, softens the skin, clears complexion, make hair glossy and calms the mind. The thoroughly pampering & nourishing treatment is ideal for long-lasting beauty.
Rs 35000/-
Weight Loss (12 Days ; 45-60 mins per session)
Holistic, effective slimming treatments that are focused on reducing cellulite in the affected areas and on internal cleansing of the system.
Rs 29400/-
Detoxification (8 Days; 60 mins per session)
Combination treatment to expunge harmful radicals using herbal enemas. Recommended to prevent diseases, cure digestive problems, manage life-style disorders and feel  lighter.
Rs 9000/-
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