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According to Ayurveda, every human being has a typical constitution that decides the state of his or her health and predisposition to particular ailments. Find out about your Ayurvedic constitution with his simple quiz. Of course, do remember that this is no substitute for a complete doctor’s evaluation.

Tick the boxes where applicable and give yourself one point for each tick. If two answers fit, tick them both, if no answer fits for a question leave it blank. Total up all the profiles for a grand total and your current body type.

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  Vata Pitta Kapha
Mental Activity Quick mind, Restless Sharp intellect, aggressive Calm, steady, stable
Memory Short-term best Good general memory Long-term, best
Thoughts Constantly changing Fairly steady Steady, Stable, fixed
Concentration Short-term focus best Better than average mental concentration Good ability for long-term focus
Ability to learn Quick grasp of learning Medium to moderate grasp Slow to learn
Dreams Fearful, flying, running, jumping Angry, fiery, violent, adventurous Includes water, clouds, relationships, romance
Sleep Interrupted, light Sound, medium Sound, heavy, long
Speech Fast, sometimes missing words Fast, Sharp, clear cut Slow, clear, sweet
Voice High pitch Medium pitch Low pitch
Eating speed Quick Medium Slow
Hunger level Irregular Sharp, needs food when hungry Can easily miss meals
Food and drink Prefers warm Prefers cold Prefers dry and warm
Achieving goals Easily distracted Focused and driven Slow and steady
Giving/Donations Gives small amounts Gives nothing, or large amounts infrequently Relationships
Relationships Many casual Intense Long and deep
Sex drive Variable or low Moderate Strong
Works best While supervised Alone In groups
Weather preference Aversion to cold Aversion to heat Aversion to damp, cool
Reaction to stress Excites quickly Medium Slow to get excited
Finances Doesn’t have spends quickly Saves, but big spender Saves regularly, accumulates wealth
Friendships Tends toward short-term friendships, makes friends quickly Tends to be a loner, friends related to occupation Tends to form long-lasting friendships
Moods Change quickly Change slowly Steady, unchanging
Reacts to stress with Own feelings Anger Indifference
More sensitive to Constantly changing Not sensitive Other’s feelings
When threatened, tends to Run Fight Make peace
Relations with spouse/partner Clingy Jealous Secure
Expresses affection With words With gifts With touch
When feeling hurt Cries Argues Withdraws
Emotional trauma causes Anxiety Denial Depression
Confidence level Timid Outwardly self-confident Inner confidence
Amount of hair Average Thinning Thick
Hair type Dry Normal Oily
Hair color Light brown, blonde Red, auburn Dark brown, black
Skin Dry, rough, or both Soft, normal to oily Oily, moist, cool
Skin temperature Cool hands/feet Warm Cool
Complexion Darker Pink-red Pale-white
Eyes Small Medium Large
Whites of eyes Blue/brown Yellow or red Glossy white
Size of teeth Very large or very small Small-medium Medium-large
Weight Thin, hard to gain Medium Heavy, gains easily
Bowel movements Dry, hard, thin, easily constipated Many during day, soft to normal Heavy, slow, thick, regular
Heartbeats per minute 70-90 60-70 50-60
Kindly add mental, behavioral, emotional and physical profile subtotals to attain the final total. The Dosha with the highest total is your mind-body type

Vata Type -> Dry or rough skin, insomnia, constipation, fatigue, headaches, intolerance of cold, underweight or losing weight, anxiety, worry and restlessness, attention deflect with hyperactivity disorder.

Pitta Type -> Rashes, inflammatory skin conditions, stomach aches, diarrhea, controlling and manipulative Behaviour, visual problems, excessive body heat, hostility, irritability and excessive competitive drive.

Kapha Type -> oily skin, slow digestion, sinus congestion, nasal allergies, asthma, obesity, skin growths, possessiveness, neediness, apathy, depression, difficulty paying attention.
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